Piernicola Di Muro – Composer

Di Muro indooor BW

So, we’re very excited to have Piers on board Scion. He has been an absolute star to work with developing the music for this project. He has created a piece that brings the ancient, the modern and the quirky together. That evoking the aspect of time to this ancient device you see in the announcement trailer. We discussed very early on to keep the sound design to a minimum and that the music itself should create a sense of impending doom and that something big is coming.

We managed to get some time with Piers and fire some questions at him. If you get the chance pop over to his website and piernicoladimuro.com.

1. As a musician, what is it that made decide to become a composer?

I had a very particular path that brought me closer to film music. I have always loved cinema, ever since I was a child. I studied at a film academy where I started as Vittorio Storaro’s camera assistant, after a few years spent with him, learning about filmmaking, storytelling, and the importance of workflow in cinema business, my passion moved to soundtracks.

I remember that from my first experiences at university and then on the set, I bought synths and equipment to make music, it was a gradual transition but working on the set still trained me a lot also in this different field.

2. What is your favourite genre to create pieces for?

Really, no favourite genre at all. Just good stories!

3. Can you tell us what is it about Scion that drew you to it?

Scion is a really huge project. The only thing that can involve you so primordially in a project of this type is the passion that its creator/producer (Brian) manages to convey to you. I believe that the ability to excite with what is proposed to you is the basis for embracing a demanding project like this.

4. What were your influences that inspired the theme of the piece?

The musical theme for the Scion teaser comes from a simple melodic idea, which is more of a musical gesture than a musical theme, a simple melody, really short, that contains within it something ancestral and primitive but at the same time technological. It’s not just an epic adventure music, it wants to tell something complex but at the same time essential.

5. What was the most difficult part of creating the music for the teaser?

One thing I didn’t want was to categorize the music in terms of time, I wanted it to be timeless, past, and future blended together, a sort of ancient legends and modern tales.

It is not easy to translate into words what the ideas are, because then the whole process takes shape in a very instinctive way for me, very visceral.