M74 Post

We are very excited for the release of this announcement trailer for Scion. And we were very lucky to have M74 Post work with us on this magnificent piece or work. It’s important as a creative to work with companies that understand your vision. And M74 got it, we worked hand in hand with them to create teaser from the logo design created by Ryan Jefferson Hays based on  Onyx Path Publishing’s original logo for Scion.

We wanted something that suggested ancient, that represented the many different pantheons that had a direct link to the show, in the form of the design.

So, when M74 were recommended to us we were delighted to work with them on this and we are look forward to working with them again.

M74 logo black

M74 Post is a post-production studio specializing in digital visual effects for cinema, tv and web.

M74 Post is a post-production studio specialising in digital visual effects for cinema, tv and web.

A team of professionals who have been working in the industry for over a decade guarantees a top-notch product and full-scale service from pre-production to final delivery, including on-set support and pre-visualisation assistance with storyboards and animations.

By working alongside our clients, we take care of their project from start to finish and let their vision inspire us. As a company sensitive to internalisation, M74 currently has about 50 employees and collaborators including producers, 2d and 3d supervisors, coordinators, digital artists, etc.

Our 3d and animation department works and experiments to expand and improve knowledge in the field, ranging from realistic VFX to cartoon-style animation. We firmly believe that bringing innovation and creativity into every project and sharing knowledge will create the most intense entertainment experience.