Eric Donners gun, Giants Bane!

So one of the things we want to bring to life are characters that already exist in the Scion universe and their backgrounds. Such as Emanuel Montero, or Rhiannon. I’d always loved the amazing covers on the books and the stunning artwork within. So the first test prop we wanted to build was Eric Donners gun, Giants Bane!

Okay first of all this isn’t just any weapon, it’s a huge hand cannon blessed by his father, Thor. It’s an iconic weapon so it had to be something special!

For this task we turned to Richard Martin. For those of you who don’t know Richards work, check out his website RMFX. I first met Richard about four years ago and we’ve been friends ever since. When it comes to Creature effects make up, prop making and his sculpturing skills they are utterly amazing! When he said, “I can make that”, we were excited to see what he could do.

And boy was he true to his word! As you can see it’s amazing! I always like to see props, I think it’s the humble model maker in me. I love to see the development design and the finished product come together. There’s something so unique and exciting to see a physical prop, the detailing and the design of a piece, just stunning.

As the opening test for the design, Richard has created a look we’re so happy with. And I have no doubt Mr Martin will continue to blow us all away as we go further into some of the other creature costumes and props. I know Richard Thomas at Onyx was equally excited when I sent him photos and of course we’ll be sending him a copy of the finished prop. 😉 😉