Brian Jenkins CEO

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brian jenkins

1. What made you want to work within Media?

I guess, Star Wars A New Hope, I remember going to see that with my dad in 1977, it was amazing, I was about six at the time. As kids we all create our own stories while playing with friends, whether it was pretending to be X-wings pilots on our bikes being chased by mates who were tie fighters, or playing with toys in the back garden. Films and TV had a huge influence on me!

I remember getting an old record player when I was a kid, like one of those box ones from the sixties, and stripping it for parts to make a spaceship. It drove my folks crazy! That’s why I couldn’t have nice things lol but I’d build scenery for our role play games or for wargaming.

My first ever job was in Special Effects at a company in Battersea London. I swept floors and loaded vans before even being allowed to go on a shoot. We worked mostly on commercial’s, pop promos and the odd TV show and movie, but from there I left and got to work on films as a freelancer, after that I was offered work in production. I’ve worked in some great companies in film and TV and Computer games companies.

I’ve been very lucky and had some great mentors in my twenty-eight or more years in the film and tv industry, from SFX, to production, to VFX in post. I’ve taken on board how they work through their processes and how to use that knowledge for what we’re doing.

2. You mentioned role play and tabletop games, what were your favourite?

Well, I started out with D&D as a kid, then Cyber Punk, Shadow Run, H.o.l.e, Star Wars Edge of the empire, Mage, Aeon Trinity, changeling, I was a huge Warhammer 40k fan as well, but these days it’s more role play games. I guess my whole gaming experience changed when White Wolf appeared on the scene and released Vampire the Masquerade. It blew my mind!

But if I’m honest, Werewolf the Apocalypse that’s my first love, that’s the game I GM for. I guess that’s why I love Scion so much, it’s links to an ancient past, but with set in modern day that you can relate to.

I’ve been gaming with my group for over twelve years now, people have come and gone, but the core is still there. The memories you build you just can’t replace. I would urge people to try role play games! A great storyteller can immerse you in strange worlds around you, and the group you run with – you can get so much out of it!

3. Let’s talk Scion, what is it about that title in particular that made you want to take it to TV?

From day one our remit has been about taking popular culture products to TV. Scion is a no brainier! Not only because I’m a huge fan of the game, but as someone who works in production this title has it all.

The exciting part about RPGs is that a group of people have sat down and fleshed out a very detailed world which is has rich background, great NPC’s, villains, and creatures. Our Job is to set a story within and create something different groups of people can relate to. Characters they can get behind is important to us and stories that having meaning.

We agreed from the beginning that we didn’t want to force our own beliefs into the show. Scion in its nature deals with religion of the Pantheons, the world, and themes in a very cleaver way, so we wanted to find a healthy balance for all. We just have to tell a great story without alienating either the fan base of the game, or new viewers. I’m a fan, I want to see something that I’d enjoy watching and discussing with other fans.

Also, its set in the here and now in the UK, and that allows us to use locations that are steeped in history for our stories. One of the reasons I pushed to set it in the UK first is I know the UK, I know London. So, for season one it made sense. I have fond memories of Wales, Ireland, and Scotland and the locations are stunning which will be perfect for what we need for the show.

4. What plans do you have for Scion, and the hidden secrets!

Well from day one when talking with Rich at Onyx Path, (who is a bit of a hero of mine, it’s weird I meet actors and industry people, but I get really excited when I meet my gaming heroes) we’ve always planned to do a three seasons for Scion, but with the option to continue when the show took off.

Season One was always planned to be set in the UK. The story begins in London with our lead character Sian Rose, then Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

Season Two is to be filmed in Europe and Season Three in the US. Alongside that we have planned for ten animated shorts working with different upcoming directors and writers.

And finally, a twitch role play show that will be the prequel to the main series. Because it’s a based on a role play game, I wanted to incorporate the idea of hunting and solving hidden clues into our marketing and advertising. So, fans of the game could join us on the adventure as they discover hidden secrets that are directly connected to the show.

5. Can you tell us anything more about the show?

Ummmmmm. Okay. I can tell you the story is set around our lead called Sian Rose who finds out she’s the daughter of one of the gods of the Tuatha Dé Danann. She’s gifted with a vision by the fates, who show her the rise of the titans from their prisons and the ending of the gods, within that vision there is of course, The Broken man, who will be key to their release.

I can also tell you that Eric Donner will be in it. And my other favourites like, Anne x and you’ll see Donnie Rhodes (it’s funny Rich and I started joking about giving Donnie his own show within the show and now it’s in there) and a few others.

And obviously the most adorable golden oldie couple, Ed and Eddie Jackson (probably my favourite two characters in the Titanomachy book!) obviously, along with agents of the Titans.

6. If you were a son of a god or goddess, which Pantheon would you choose?

Oh easy! The Tuatha Dé Danann! And Nuada Airgetlám.