Brian Jenkins CEO

1. What made you want to work within Media? I guess, Star Wars A New Hope, I remember going to see that

We’re really excited to share with you the first look at the announcement trailer for Scion the TV series. Keep an eye out

So, we’re very excited to have Piers on board Scion. He has been an absolute star to work with developing the music

Victor Perez

What can we say about Victor Perez? Well, apart from being an award-winner Film Director, his roots come from the world of

M74 Post

We are very excited for the release of this announcement trailer for Scion. And we were very lucky to have M74 Post

Scion Teaser Poster

We’re excited to announce the teaser poster for the up and coming live action series Scion: Rise of the Titans. Keep an

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Jenkins and Tate will be developing their latest fantasy TV series Exalted from the popular role-playing

So one of the things we want to bring to life are characters that already exist in the Scion universe and their

Jenkins and Tate Entertainment are pleased to announce that their first venture will be to develop the live action tv series, SCION,

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog 🙂 first of all I have to say, I feel very blessed to have such an amazing team.