Eric Donners gun, Giants Bane!

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So one of the things we want to bring to life are characters that already exist in the Scion universe and their backgrounds. Such as Emanuel Montero, or Rhiannon. I’d always loved the amazing covers on the books and the stunning artwork within. So the first test prop we wanted to build was Eric Donners […]

Scion – new live action TV Series announced

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Jenkins and Tate Entertainment are pleased to announce that their first venture will be to develop the live action tv series, SCION, based on the globally popular role-playing game by Onyx Path Publishing.  We’re truly excited to be developing this adventure series for TV in collaboration with Onyx Path. We are looking forward to working closely […]

Welcome to our blog

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Welcome to our blog 🙂 first of all I have to say, I feel very blessed to have such an amazing team. We’ve all come from different areas of the media industry, from advertising, film/ TV production, post production, web development, even the building industry.  Comics, computer games, table top and roleplay games have been […]